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About DeMoira

Hello dear Internet person/people. Despite the millions of other blogs out there, you seem to be on mine. And not just that, you’re looking for information on me! Or, you accidentally wound up here by some misfortune or another. Well, allow me to introduce myself regardless.

My name’s Sarah Foster.

I’m a 20-year-old Australian video game enthusiast, and an amatuer games reviewer. I’m currently studying Games and Interactivity, which focuses on different aspects of the games making process from modelling to writing. (I hate modelling, and I love writing.) MyΒ favouriteΒ game is Grim Fandango, followed closely by Fallout 3, Monkey Island (as a series) and Oblivion. I cannot stand RTS games, or any games from the Lego franchise. I was raised on a diet of Playstation games (ranging from Spyro to Crash Bandicoot, to Gex) and occasionally PC games (anything from Dungeon Keeper, to Incredible Machine, and a game I can only recall being called “Kenny”). I don’t own a XBox or a Playstation 3, so I’m a PC gamer through and through.

This blog will serve as practice for providing consistent updates and reviews. Hopefully you get a kick out of it.

I feel as though Elaine Marley best sums me up. Minus the British (and plus the Australian).

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