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What to write about..?

December 27, 2011

The compulsion to write about new games.

I’m pretty sure everyone has written about Skyrim in ways I couldn’t possibly match. I don’t own any new games. I’m not even sure what to write about. ACK. I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect lately, and have developed a concise list of pros and cons (and improvements) but it feels a little pointless to start dissecting games that are about to have another iteration released. And then there’s the whole ‘don’t write a list, give your personal opinion’ approach – that, mixed with my desire to write as professionally as possible results in stilted writing and over-thought prose.

I think the best, most obvious path is to simply write and hope that even a small amount of what you end up with is usable. This is something I learned through years of writing sub-par fanfiction and original stories, with little to show for it. I’ve got pages of notes, ideas, critiques and suggestions surrounding the games I play, yet can’t use any of it. Not yet, anyway. I’m not sure that’s even the best attitude to have towards writing. Shouldn’t it be put your all in, as soon as possible?

Well… I’ll just keep sitting here. Staring blankly at the Sims Social as I wait for energy points to reappear. That’s productive, isn’t it?


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  1. Marter permalink

    Personally, I never understood the idea that just because a game is old, it isn’t worth writing about. Maybe it’s because I primarily review old movies (because DVDs are much, much cheaper than going to the theater daily), but I feel that as long as the thing in question is still accessible to the general audience, then it’s still worth talking about. “Mass Effect,” for example, is still widely available and I bet there are a ton of people who haven’t played it. (I’ve only played about 2 hours, for example, despite owning both of them. -_-) If you can convince someone who is on the fence one way or another, then that to me says that it’s worth writing about. In fact, ESPECIALLY if it has another iteration coming out. That can convince them to either play all of the games before trying the new one, or stay away from the series as a whole.

    At least, that’s how I’ve always viewed it.

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